St. Petersburg, FL OptiMax Motors

First Choice Marine

Set A More Confident Course With Mercury Reliability

First Choice Marine is an authorized dealership location for all types of Mercury Outboard engines. We provide an important outlet in the St. Petersburg, FL and the surrounding area for the state-of-the-art technology for reliable and fuel efficient marine motors in the world.

One of our most impressive lines of engines is the OptiMax engines. These are direct injected 2 stroke motors, but they are not your typical two-stroke.

Piston upstroke. Piston down stroke. Two simple strokes that deliver a powerful advantage. Mercury’s OptiMax line, the best-selling direct-injection two-stroke outboards on the market, is the culmination of years of technological innovation. From the outset our goal was to provide boaters with superior acceleration and top-end speed. All while delivering the clean, quiet, durable, and fuel-efficient qualities of a four-stroke. The results speak for themselves (very quietly).

Designed and engineered to combine the best of both worlds, OptiMax has the heart, soul, speed, and power you expect of a traditional two-stroke. But OptiMax’s proprietary two-stage injection system creates a remarkably concise combustion cycle – giving you the fuel conservation and lower emissions of a four-stroke. A win/win, win/win any way you shake it.


Our Optimax Motors Have:

  • Superior speed and performance
  • Raw power and pure efficiency
  • The best deal going

Our OptiMax Engine Line Up:

  • OptiMax Pro XS
    • 250 HP TM
    • 250 HP
    • 225 HP TM
    • 225 HP
    • 200 HP
    • 150 HP
    • 115 HP
  • OptiMax 3.0L
    • 250 HP
    • 225 HP
    • 200 HP
  • OptiMax 2.5 L
    • 150 HP
    • 135 HP
  • OptiMax 1.5 L
    • 125 HP
    • 115 HP
    • 90 HP
    • 75 HP

Come and find out the difference with more power, durability, fuel efficiency, and performance when it counts.

Whether you choose a high-performance Mercury Verado; a direct-injected (DI) two-stroke OptiMax; or a high-quality FourStroke, you can’t go wrong with a new Mercury engine to repower your boat.


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